Friday, 8 February 2013

Catching up.

I figure its probably time to do a little catching up!! Many people still dont know, we are having another baby!! We are all really excited for a new one to come to our family! Hazel especially! .....Well, i'm not actually quite sure if she understands the concept yet, but, everytime we even say the word baby, she freaks out! She loves them!! And i am sure will especially love this one... whatever it is!
We decided that we are not going to find out what this one is, we wanted to have at least one surprise, so we may as well get it over with, right?! So i'm over 21 weeks pregnant, over the half way mark, which is crazy! June 20th should be the day!
 Hazel is sure changing these days too! Holy cow! she runs around and around the house, chatting all day long. Me and Dean just love her little voice, so cute! She is also addicted to watching the "Jesus movie" these days (finding faith in Christ) its so cute, she will just sit there through the whole thing and she doesnt get tired of it. It sure is nice when i need to get a few things done, but it may be getting a little out of hand.... throwing tantrums to watch the Jesus movie.... too much of a good thing.... but maybe that doesnt count when it comes to Jesus... i dont know!!!! she is so cute!
 Here are a few ultrasound pictures, random other pictures, and videos...... sorry the ultrasound pictures are not the greatest, the baby was not in the best spot.

nice legs!!

21 weeks!

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